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Daycare Science: Caterpillar to Butterfly

This spring, CCPRN coordinated a group order of caterpillars for all members who were interested in purchasing some for their daycare.

We were happily surprised by the response and enthusiasm of our caregivers!

Nearly 200 caterpillars arrived at the office at the beginning of the month, each neatly packaged in their own little containers lined with food.

And boy those caterpillars were hungry!

They ate…. and ate…. and ate.

Before long they got a lot bigger.

We decided to transport our largest caterpillars into bigger containers to ensure they had enough room to hang upside-down.

And one by one, they made their way up to the top of the jar.

And formed their chrysalises.

The white webbing is silk formed by the caterpillar.

Caught in the silk appears to be a part of the caterpillar that was shed during the transformation process.

Within two weeks of their arrival, some of our butterflies emerged…

…as beautiful Painted Ladies.

It has been truly rewarding and exciting to share this opportunity with our members and their daycare children.

A big thank you to all who participated and gave their children an opportunity see mother nature’s magic.

Thanks for reading,

Just in time for the long weekend: a Rona Card

Planning to do any home improvements this weekend? Or maybe a little gardening?

CCPRN now has a card to save you 5% on most of your purchases at Rona!

It’s a win-win for everyone because at the end of the year, Rona will make a donation to CCPRN!

Click on the image to print your copy of the card and present it to the Commercial Sales Counter at the front of the Rona store:

It is valid at the 1880 Innes Rd and 585 West Hunt Club Rd locations!

 Feel free to share this blog post and pass on the savings to all your friends and family all year round!

Good luck with whatever your next project might be!

Daycare Science: Beans

Spring has sprung and it’s a perfect time of the year to introduce our little ones to all the wonder and science that Mother Nature has to offer.

I’ll be planting a vegetable garden with my own kids soon, but first I wanted to show them what really happens ‘behind the scenes’ when we plant seeds.

I bought some kidney beans and soaked them in water over night. The beans will still grow without this step but this helps to give them a boost.

The next day, we placed them into a clear bag with a wet paper towel and hung them in the window.

It didn’t take long before they started to change….

By the second day, little roots were already forming.

By day 5 the developing root system was very visible.

In less than 2 weeks, the beans transformed into a plant.

Day 13

This is a really simple, hands-on way to introduce some basic science to children. Through discussions of our observations, they will learn new vocabulary and a deeper understanding of how plants grow with just a little water and sunlight!

Happy planting!

Welcome Child Care Providers!

Welcome to CCPRN’s brand new blog!

We often have so much we want to share with you and we just can’t seem to fit it all into a printed newsletter. Our solution was to create this blog to complement our newsletter. Here, you can expect to see even more articles, care tips, programming ideas and current information in the child care field.

You can follow our blog by clicking on the ‘Follow Blog via Email’ link on the right hand side of this screen, or through the RSS feed (orange icon located above the navigation bar at the top of the screen).

rss Button final design

RSS (or Real Simple Syndication) is a tool that compiles all the posts from the blogs you’ve subscribed to and stores them in one place so that you don’t have to surf all over the Internet to read them.


Located beside the RSS icon at the top of this screen you can also find YouTube and Facebook icons that link you directly to our accounts.

We’re creating an E-newsletter that will serve as another way to get up-to-date information from CCPRN. You can sign-up to receive this monthly electronic newsletter by clicking on the Subscribe to our newsletter link located on the right hand side of this post.

You’ll also be able to search through past blog posts in the archives located near the bottom of the menu bar along the right hand side.

So, welcome caregivers!  Whichever way you choose to follow us – be sure to come back often to see what we’re up to!

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