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Healthy Choices

March is nutrition month, so I’d like to share some helpful resources today to help you and your children make healthy – and hopefully exciting – new choices in the kitchen.

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The first resource is the Eat Right Ontario website that offers tips on easy, budget-friendly menu planning. The resource section provides information on such things as tips for feeding young children and printable PDFs like Bake It Up!; a book filled with nutrition tips and recipes for baking healthier treats. What a fantastic resource for getting children excited about, and involved in the kitchen. Younger kids can help pour and stir while older ones can read recipes and measure ingredients.

Children’s development is directly affected by their food choices. Poor nutrition can lead to decreased academic performance and behaviour problems. If you suspect a child in your care may have a nutritional issue such as poor growth, iron deficiency or unhealthy feeding, you may benefit from Public Health’s Health and Nutrition Screening Tools workshop at CCPRN on May 2nd from 7-9pm. For more information on the NutriSTEP Screening Tool (Nutrition Screening Tool for Every Preschooler) click here. To register for the workshop, go to and search in the calendar of events.

This month CCPRN is also kicking off Recipe Tuesdays on Facebook so be sure to ‘like us’ to view the healthy, seasonally relevant recipes we’ll be featuring. We’ll be posting more recipes on our Pinterest ‘recipe & menu planning’ pinboard as well.

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