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Book Walk

CCPRN recently incorporated a ‘Book Walk’ into our pre-summer picnics.

So what exactly is a book walk?

A book walk is a way to encourage children to be involved in a story. So here’s how it works.

For this one, we chose the book called “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell” written by Lucille Colandro, illustrated by Jared D Lee.

Book Walk 4

Each page of the story was mounted to a board throughout the park and children were encouraged to physically move through the book by walking from page to page.

book walk 3

Each board was numbered in sequence to help guide the children and caregivers.

Book Walk 2

Along the way, caregivers read the story as their children collected different items at each post that were relevant the story.

Book Walk 5

Book Walk 7

The items collected can be used as props to assist in retelling the story later. This activity builds on a child’s narrative and memory skills.Book Walk 6

Join us at different parks throughout the city this week for our outdoor messy play and book walk events (registration required). We will be offering a book walk with a spin ~ caregivers and children will be encouraged to write a story of their own.

Visit our calendar of events at to register for this and other events for children.

To borrow a “book” for your own book walk contact the Early Literacy Specialists at the Parent Resource Centre 613-565-2467 ext 232 or 233

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