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  1. gwenaelle salaun

    Dear Jo ,
    i translated the list for the scavenger hunt and put it in alphabetical order .Would it be possible for you to put it together with the pictures ? .I will send you the list via email l.thx in advance ,gwen

  2. Hello. I am trying to print off a copy of your nature scavenger hunt checklist. It’s so cute and a great way to get kids involved with nature. I am unable to pull up the printable list, would you be able to email it to me? I would appreciate it so very much. Thank you!!

  3. I am trying to buy pair of large loop training scissors pictured on your site . I live in England do you have an outlet here or can I buy one online ?

  4. Mary Ann Wright

    Left this comment on the original page. Do I need permission to transfer this to a canvas bag for my grandchildren? It is a wonderful idea.

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